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Comic Based Game


The comic based interactions powered by Blitz3D allow 3D renderings of the comic characters
and environments to be controlled and manipulated by the user.

The intention is to allow users to join in the adventures of the comic characters in the story by
giving them the ability to play the characters in various situations in the story.

Software: Blitz3D Game Engine, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, and Audacity

Description: Castle Eja is a third person game where the player controls the character of Chicken Wing. The player is given only a certain amount of energy that the player can use to jump, called jump energy. It is not possible for the player to jump once jump energy has reached its minimum. In this case, the player must wait until the jump energy has sustained to a reasonable level. The goal of the game is to find your way to the middle of the castle and pick up a wagon. Once the wagon is obtained, the user must go to the four corners of the castle to pick up characters called Ejas.
Progression Images of Castle Eja Game:
>November 11, 2004
>December 7, 2004
>March 15, 2005
Castle Eja Clip
Flash Video: [56k] [100k]
Other Images
>Conceptual Models for Castle Eja Game
>Storyboard for Castle Eja Game


Description: Carrot Flower Flyers is a third person flight simulation that allows the player to explore the comic world of Fuz. The player controls one of six Carrot Flower Flyers that is flown by Nghia Eja. The world consists of the Eja territory, the Deep Dark, and Demun territory.
Progression Images of Carrot Flower Flyers:
>March 15, 2005
>May 16, 2005

Description: The First and Last War is a third person fighting/action game. The Demun are attacking Castle Eja, where a group of Ejas must defend the castle. The player is initially an Eja that must fend off attacking Demuns. After killing a Demun, there is sap residue that the player can choose to pickup. Once the player has collected ten sap residues, the player is then transformed into a Demun. Once the player is a Demun, the player then must attack the Ejas. Initially there are five-hundred Ejas and five-hundred Demuns. Once the count reaches two for each side, the player is then to face the leader. If the player is an Eja, then the player is to face two Demuns in Demun Territory . If the player is a Demun, then the player must face King and Queen Eja. The purpose of the game is to illustrate the balance between good and bad.
Progression Images of The First and Last War:
>May 5, 2005
>May 10, 2005
>May 28, 2005

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