Fuz: The End

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Overview of the Different Forms of Fuz: The End


Form Description of Form Intention Description of Form



Comic-Based Flash

The flash digital comic can utilize digital coloring, photography, video, animation, sound effects, music, and other capabilities of the digital form.
Interactive Comic

The intention is to deliver a large portion of the storyline in a digital comic that has the same look and feel of traditional comics. The digital comic uses the many capabilities (listed above) in each panel. The digital comic serves as a reference for the interactivity made available in 3D and powered by a game engine.



Comic-Based Game

The comic-based interactions powered by Blitz3D allow 3D renderings of the comic characters and environments to be controlled and manipulated by the reader.

Immersive Comic Interactivity
The intention is to allow users to join in the adventures of the characters by giving them the ability to play the characters in various situations in the story.





Comic 3D Animation


The 3D animations of the comic characters and environments bring the story to life by delivering content that ties in with the comic-based game.

Immersive Comic Storytelling
The intention is to tell parts of the story in an animated format.

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