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Wayne Chan

Nghia Nguyen

A lot of Wayne’s technical skills come from the opportunity to and necessity to producing his comics in a technologically savvy society. At first, simply learning how to scan and do some minor manipulation to his comics was good enough. In his pursuit to realize his full potential as a cartoonist in the 21st century, Wayne has learned and acquired skills in 3D modeling, animation, sound production, web design, book production, teaching, and business.

Since the content and story of the group thesis project are based on the comic “Fuz," Wayne is the project's source of art and design. His experience in multimedia production and deep interest in the project allow him to be involved in all aspects of the project. Wayne intends to gain more technical and business skills from the project and share all the knowledge that his group member desires.

In the future, Wayne hopes to take comics to a new level through multimedia production and share and promote his interests for art and technology by teaching.

Nghia has received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Pacific. He has experience with integrated circuitry and GUI interfacing, as well as programming language such as C, C++, and OpenGL. He has intermediate knowledge of 3D Studio Max and Maya. Skills that Nghia hopes to improve upon are: 3D skills with 3D Studio Max and Maya; C++ programming; storytelling; group dynamics; and communication. One of the major goals Nghia desires to achieve for the following year is to vastly improve upon his communication and social skills. He is also very interested in learning and experimenting with 3D modeling and 3D game engines.

Pertaining to the following year, Nghia’s responsibilities will include 3D game engine programming, 3D character and environment modeling, and animation.

In the future, Nghia hopes to take 3D to a new level using multimedia productions, and find work in the game and movie industries.

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