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The work of the comic artist is not just to draw pictures, but to skillfully manipulate the sequence of pictures, while encouraging a manipulation of imagination from reader to reader. The comic artist influences the use of imagination with the comic strip by forcing the reader to fill in the story. While staying within the structure of comics, can the experience of a comic become more personal and interactive in comparison to a printed comic?

While keeping true to the structure of comics, can the story and experience of a comic become more interactive and immersive by existing in a variety of digital forms?


The project allows the user to read, view, and interact with characters from the cartoon world of Fuz. In Fuz: The End, the user is invited to enter into Fuz's cartoon world through a CVD (Comic Versatile Disc). The CVD contains 12 digital comic pages, 3 interactive experiences made with a 3D game engine, and 9-10 minutes of 3D animation. The cartoon characters and storylines flow and connect through all the forms (digital comic, 3D animation, and 3D gaming).

Fuz: The End is based on the idea of having characters and stories exist in more than one form. The multitude of production types allows for different styles to be explored while still remaining true to a set of characters and overall storyline. The user can experience the full story interactively and in color through the CVD and computer. The CVD will have instructions on its use, and most of the interaction will take place using the keyboard and mouse.

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