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Comic Based Flash


The Flash digital comic can use digital coloring, photos, video, animation, sound
effects, music, and other capabilities of the digital form.

The intention is to allow users to join in the adventures of the comic characters
by giving them the ability to play the characters in various situations in the story.

The intention is to deliver a large portion of the storytelling with a digital comic that
has the same look and feel of traditional comics. The Flash digital comic uses the
many capabilities (see above) within each frame/panel. The Flash digital comic
serves as a reference for the comic interactions produced in 3D and powered by a
game engine

Software: Flash, Streamline, and Audacity

Sample of Comic Based Flash:
>December 7, 2004
>January 15, 2005
>February 10, 2005
>March 10, 2005
>April 10, 2005
>May 10, 2005

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