Trader Joe's Signs by Wayne Chan

Signs #01-30
Signs #31-57


Chips and beer is a pretty awesome combination.


This is as colorful as I get.


Dude...the sparkling blueberry juice is hella good.


The biggest crew member and smallest member from the Trader Joe's in Pleasanton.


just chillin yo


This sign brought up the issue of "which chocolate is which price?" our team is starting to put prices on sticks next to the products.


First sign where I quote myself.


looks like the bottle


Someone asked me how I know it "taste so goooood" if I never even tasted the soup before
...well I figure I have a 50% chance of being true and it's better than writing "taste so baaaaad".


I drew one of the full timers for this one.


I made these 3 signs for Bronco Billy's Pizza Palace in Hayward.


Here is a closer look




That's one cocky cock...a doodle doo.


Like anyone drinks non-alcoholic beverages anymore...losers.


I think the picture was funnier in my head.


I was going for a impressionistic abstract portrait of a pasta dinner...notice the plastic fork.


Sorry about your big noses Coppola.


Dance my little!


The animals getting drunk thing is getting old...maybe I'll try "dancing" now.


Another endcap sign with an animal getting drunk...when will the madness end!?


I like how I can draw animals getting drunk and no one seems to mind.


This sign is outside the front of the store.


Someone gave me the wrong crackers and another sign artist had to change the crackers in the middle.


When pressed for time...give the product faces, arms, and legs and have them sell the products themselves.


What ever happened to those days of high sugar cereals and real milk?


Featuring the son of Betty Croc-ker.


This one was fun to make.


Finally worked turtle Tea into a sign.


Taste so good when it hits the buck teeth.


My second end cap sign at Trader Joe's.


My first end cap sign at Trader Joe's.